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Apna Radio Bollywood Beats

Language: Hindi

Time: Mon-Fri 6.00 PM-7.00 PM

Email: hinditimesmedia@gmail.com

APNA RADIO BOLLYWOOD BEATS" program is dedicated to serve the needs of the Hindi Speaking Community. Its target listeners are teenagers, youngsters, working executives, senior citizens and house wives.

The broadcast time is from 5pm to 7 pm which is a prime time as most of the listners are driving to or returning from work.

The program is hosted by Mr. Devashish Sagar and Ms. Swati Gupta. While the hosts entertain with Bolllywood Music, they are supported by Mr. Salil Dalal a renowned film journalist of India. The program is produced by Mr. Rakesh Tiwari the publisher and president of leading Hindi Weekly "Hindi Times" since 2003 who hosts Bhojpuri segment also every Monday between 6.30 to 7 pm. Hindi Times provides information, news, cultural background of Indo-Canadian community and their back home heritage.

The show's first hour is dedicated to youth with high beat songs, local and sports news while the second hour comprises the choice of mature and senior citizens along

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